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Glossary And Abbreviations

AKA Commission - Commission on Radioactive Waste.

Bq - becquerel; one radioactive disintegration per second.

breeder reactor - a nuclear reactor in which non-fissile material such as uranium-238 is converted to fissile material by exposure to neutron radiation. In this way, fuel is "bred". A "fast breeder reactor" is fueled by plutonium in a reaction using "fast" neutrons, i.e. not moderated by water or graphite as in other reactors.

CLAB - The Central Storage Facility For Spent Nuclear Fuel.

curie - one curie is the number of transformations or disintegrations of one gram of radium. One curie equals 3.7 X 10 to the 10th disintegrations per second.

fissile material - a material made up of heavy atoms that can be split into pieces emitting energy.

FMKK - The Peoples' Movement Against Nuclear Power And Weapons.

isotope - an atom of a given element that has slightly different physical and chemical properties from other atoms of the same element.

KBS - Nuclear Fuel Safety Project (Projekt Kärnbränslesäkerhet).

light water reactor (LWR) - reactors cooled with natural water and fueled with low-enriched uranium (about 3% uranium-235).

NAK - The Committee For Spent Nuclear Fuel.

PRAV - Program Council For Radioactive Waste.

plutonium - a human-made radioactive element heavier than uranium. Plutonium-239 is the plutonium isotope commonly used in nuclear weapons; it emits highly dangerous alpha radiation and has a halflife of 24,000 years.

reprocessing - extraction of uranium and plutonium from spent fuel, which can be used for new fuel or nuclear bombs.

SFR-1 - Final Storage For Reactor Waste.

SKBF - Swedish Nuclear Fuel Supplies Ltd.

SKB - Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company.

SKI - Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate.

SKN - The National Board For Spent Nuclear Fuel.

SSI - National Institute Of Radiation Protection.

spent fuel - nuclear reactor fuel once it has been exposed to a nuclear reaction; also called irradiated fuel.

tonnes - 1,000 kilograms or 2,200 pounds. An imperial or American ton is 2,000 pounds or 909.1 kilograms.

WISE NC - World Information Service On Energy News Communiqué.

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